Governor Omar Gutierrez today signed a 30-year concession contract to begin the development of Zapala Free Trade Zone. The space will be managed by a transitory union of five Neuquen companies which aim to turn the city into a logistics center to develop the hydrocarbon industry, agribusiness, mining and technological innovation.

From the signing of this agreement, the UTE may begin with the movement of soils in the total 250 hectares destined for the Free Trade Zone. The initial first stage investment will be of $70 million pesos, which will include basic works such as a perimeter fence, lighting, warehouses and an open pit tank.

With this concession, Zapala will become one of the 23 Free Trade Zones that exist in the country and that grants deferrals and tax exemptions to companies that operate there. Among other activities, this area is expected to provide inputs to companies linked to Vaca Muerta, develop technological innovations and allow the repair, quality control and packaging of other companies operating in the area.

Soledad Martínez, Mayor of Zapala, highlighted this is the beginning of a project that has been a 30 year pending promise for Zapala citizens. She demanded that the gas works that have been paralysed in the Industrial Park for four years to be renewed, since this property was equipped with electricity and water thanks thanks to the municipal management.

The Governor celebrated that the much delayed project has come to life even when investors from other provinces considered it unfeasible. Because of this, he thanked the commitment of the Neuquén companies that were linked to the work and reviewed other investments made by the province to develop Zapala and other towns in the Neuquen center; such as the expansion of the hospital, the resurfacing of access to the city, and the project to build a provincial cartadrome.