The Neuquen Province Governor Omar Gutiérrez signed on Tuesday the concession contract for the operation and maintenance of the Zapala Free Trade Zone in favor of the transitory union Servicios y Consultoría SA formed by the companies Zona Franca Zapala SA, Argent-Pat SRL, Codesin SA, Petro Neu SA and MyP Fundaciones Especiales SA.

The contract was signed by Governor Gutierrez and the legal representative of the UTE, Alberto Oscar Targize.

The concession was signed for 30 years, and is extendable for ten more years. It has recently been approved by the provincial Executive by decree No. 740. It’s purpose is to grant the exclusive exploitation of the Zapala Free Trade Zone for management, operation and commercial, technical and logistics exploitation.

In the works and tasks to be faced, at least 60% of the local or provincial workforce must be prioritized, as well as the hiring of local goods and services in all stages and activities that are carried out during the concession term.

The first stage is expected to generate 500 direct jobs, and between 1500 and 2000 indirectly. This stage must be done within 120 days, in 20 hectares of the concession area; the facilities where the primary customs zone and the so-called service area are currently located.